Three Runners This Week

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It has been a testing time with the weather over the past week, the wind and rain has definitely been testing for the horses and riders, the rain just doesn’t seem to stop at the moment! Our team here at Bethell Racing has been absolutely fantastic and have been fuelled by chocolate to try and keep spirits up in the rain (no January diets in this weather)!

Although the weather has been testing, the horses are all in fantastic form and are feeling extremely well in themselves., they are looking incredible in their coats and in their physique. They have put on a lot of condition and for this time of year, it is wonderful to see the horses looking and feeling so well.


We found the pot of gold under the rainbow; Ed! Bright blue skies and sunshine in between the torrential rain.

The horses are not only looking and feeling fantastic they are going very well in their work, some of them are doing very light canter work and the others are starting to progress in their trotting work. They are very happy to be in their work routine and it’s so exciting to see them going so well in the middle of winter.

We have three runners later this week; Open Choice runs for his debut run on the 12th of January at Newcastle in the Novice Stakes at 3 o’clock under the ride of Callum Rodriguez. We also have Nuketown & Dream Final running at Newcastle on the 13th of January at 4.15  in the novice stakes; Nuketown will be ridden by PJ McDonald and Dream Final will be ridden by Callam Rodriiguez.

The best of luck to our three runners this week and all their connections.

(James McHenry pictured with a beautiful sunrise on Monday morning).

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