Become an Owner

How will I be kept informed about my horse’s progress?

You will receive fortnightly updates by email, as well as videos and pictures of your horse in training. You will be regularly contacted by phone.

Where will my horse be trained?

In the beautiful setting of Middleham, Yorkshire, the training grounds of classic winners.

Do you have any horses available at the moment?

We will have yearlings available to buy from September onwards, and regularly visit the horses in training sales where we can buy horses for you.

Can I get visit the races when my horse runs?

You will get six badges when your horse runs, for yourself and family/friends, as well as lunch and the chance to talk to the trainer.

Who will ride my horse?

At the races your horse will be ridden by the best possible jockey available, taking into consideration the jockeys your horse gets on particularly well with. At home your horse will be ridden by trained staff, as well as local jockeys who come in to ride work.

Am I able to visit my horse at the stables?

You can visit your horse in training at any time, preferably letting us know in advance. If you visit in the morning you will be able to see your horse training on the gallops.

Who do I contact?

You can ring our assistant trainer Edward on 07767622921, or alternatively ring the office on 01969640353. You can also send us an email at ebethell@me.com.


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