Meet Our Team

  • Ed Bethell
    Ed Bethell The Trainer
  • James and Sally Bethell
    James and Sally Bethell
  • Lester Inns
    Lester Inns Gardener/Handyman
  • Stephen Bingley
    Stephen Bingley Yard Man
  • Liam Reeves Travelling Head Man
  • Barbara Jones
    Barbara Jones Full-time Rider
  • John Wall
    John Wall Travelling Assistant
  • Hannah Watson Racing Secretary
  • Julia Beales
    Julia Beales Housekeeper
  • Sarah Stebbing
    Sarah Stebbing Accounts
  • Beth Taylor
    Beth Taylor Full-time Rider
  • Jenny Walker
    Jenny Walker Part-time Rider
  • Jodi Matthews
    Jodi Matthews Full-time Rider
  • Arthur Dobell
    Arthur Dobell Social Media / Website
  • Klia McBurney
    Klia McBurney Full-time Rider
  • Holly Crawford
    Holly Crawford Full-time Rider
Contact Us

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