The Count Down Is On

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The official countdown to the start of the turf season is on! Less than a month until the 2023 turf season gets underway. We are all very much looking forward to it as the horses are in excellent form and we can put the hard work from the winter into place.

Ed is very much looking forward to his third season and has a very strong group of horses for this season. We are looking to have a quiet March with very few runners as we spend the next few weeks really focusing on the season ahead.

The 2yo’s are progressing very well and are really starting to change in their physiques and become a lot stronger, they have done a lot of growing over the winter too. The older horses are looking and feeling strong and well. The horses are really enjoying their work and it is really showing in their coats, they are starting to loose their winter coats and are really glowing in their Spring coats.

We are due some unwanted cold weather next week and hopefully, this will be the final sign of winter and we can look forward to some warmer weather in due course!



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