Mountain Warrior Wins!

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Mountain Warrior put in a fantastic performance to win at Southwell on his debut for the year. He travelled extremely well throughout the race and won very easily, it was brilliant to see him win so comfortably. A huge well done to his owners and all of his connections.

A win in January keeps the spirits high and the morale up especially with the very testing weather we have been having, if it hasn’t tried to snow and then freeze into ice, its been torrential rain and if it hasn’t been raining then its been extreme winds. The team have been absolutely fantastic and have kept smiling throughout, a credit to the team that we have.

We had two other runners yesterday who did not disappoint with their runs. Minstrel Knight ran a fantastic race and showed improvement from his previous run. He is an exciting and fun horse for the season ahead and he will now be put away now and will wait for the turf season to start. Berrygate ran an absolute blinder at Southwell from a very wide draw to sit in behind the whole of the field to then run through the whole of the field to just get piped at the post to finish 2nd. She showed that she will have a fun and exciting season ahead. It was such a close finish and her day will come and her owners; Clarendon Thoroughbred Racing will have some really fun days out with her!

The 2yo’s are coming on in leaps and bounds, some are going through growth spurts which is normal and nice to see at this time of year, some are feeling rather too well and are keeping the riders on their toes. It is lovely to see them feeling so well (although my feet are firmly on the ground!). They are looking very well physically and also in their coats.

We have had lots of owners come up in January which is always so lovely to see and for them to see how their horse/horses are progressing in their winter training.

We look forward to February with runner and hopefully some warmer and not so wild weather!

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